Waving hand emoji Hello! I'm nat.

I'm a 21-year-old... uhhh- I really have no idea. My parents let me use a computer when I was 4, so it was before these were designed purely for consumption and giving us dopamine addiction. This essentially means that I'm quite knowledgeable with them.

I've been daily driving Linux for many years now and I can work with it in both desktop and server scenarios. I have distrohopped very often from the most popular distros to complete niches. I also tried OpenBSD (and it was quite nice!). For now I settled on NixOS-unstable which is basically perfect for me and if you install it in an ephemeral configuration - you get a clean, untouched environment on every reboot which I feel like is the distrohopper dream :)

While I can code and sometimes do it when I have to - I don't really like doing it. WebDev however sounds very cool for me, I just never really researched how it's done today, so for now I get satisfaction from writing this thing manually.

My hobbies and interests would include cybersecurity, OSINT, some public transport and generally urbanism (but I live in a small village so can't do much here ꃋᴖꃋ). I also research lots of psychology and neurobiology related topics. I've been also playing Minecraft for 12 years now and somehow I didn't get bored of it yet, I still haven't killed the ender dragon though.

If you want to shit-talk someone, waste my time in the weirdest ways possible or start suffering from unimaginable amounts of mental illnesses, feel free to DM me! if u want to do pgp memery then please use signify/age instead (github url + .keys to get pubkeys)