Waving hand emoji Hi! My name is Konrad.

I'm a 20-year-old Linux sysadmin (or at least I can hope that I will be one).
My parents made the mistake of letting me use a computer when I was 4 so yeah, I know something about them.

I consider myself to have a great understanding of typical Linux environments - both in desktop and server scenarios. Lately I've been also trying to learn something about Microsoft stuff like enterprise Windows deployments or Active Directory.

My other interests include cybersecurity, open-source intelligence, traveling and photography. However, I really don't like coding and I HATE tiling window managers.

When it comes to the operating systems that I'm using then it's NixOS on my laptop and desktop, RHEL clones/NixOS on servers, and on my phone I have Android but I'd like to try iOS sometime in the future.

If you want to spam my e-mail with some job offers then feel free to do so!