Waving hand emoji Hi! My name is Konrad.

I'm a 20-year-old Linux sysadmin (or at least I can hope that I will be one).
My parents made the mistake of letting me use a computer when I was 4 so yeah, I know something about them.

I consider myself to have a great understanding of typical Linux environments - both in desktop and server scenarios. Lately I've been also trying to learn something about Microsoft stuff like enterprise Windows deployments or Active Directory.

My other interests include cybersecurity, open-source intelligence, traveling and photography. However, I really don't like coding and I HATE tiling window managers.

When it comes to the operating systems that I'm using then it's Fedora on my laptop, Windows 10 on my desktop, RHEL clones on servers, and on my phone I have Android but I'd like to try iOS sometime in the future.

If you want to spam my e-mail with some job offers then feel free to do so!