In the future I’d like to build netbooting Kubernetes cluster (if I’ll ever manage to get it then expect huge blog post on how to wire it all together ^_^)
I also of course have to pay for my server so please consider donating 🙏🏻


XMR - Monero

You can donate using XMR by sending something to address


If your wallet supports OpenAlias you should be able to just input as the recipient.

BTC - Bitcoin

You can donate using BTC by sending something to address


If your wallet supports OpenAlias you should be able to just input as the recipient.

LTC - Litecoin

You can donate using LTC by sending something to address


GRiN - MimbleWimble

You can donate using GRiN by sending something to address


I’m not sure yet how to do GRiN transactions properly so hit me up on Matrix before doing anything.


If you want to donate using credit/debit cards (you don’t need account) or Revolut balance, then you can use this URL:




I trade altcoins on Coinbase (reflink). Sure, they require KYC but once you’re done with it, you can just swap KYCed coins to XMR for example on (reflink).


My VPS is hosted at Netcup which is probably the cheapest hosting possible in Europe.
The only downsides of Netcup are that you have to pay for entire period of 6 months but it’s worth it! Oh and also, dont forget to pay your bills or you might get into trouble with their lawyers ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴
You can also upload your own ISOs there if you want to use OpenBSD or some fancy Linux distro.

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By using those coupons you pay my server bills and get discount for your entire billing period :)